Renovate DIY or leave to the professionals

I want to renovate my bathroom! DIY?


Bathroom Renovations | What You NEED To Know


So you want to renovate your bathroom?

Great idea!

You’re in great company with over half of Australian homeowners planning to renovate their home in 2019 (57% –

A newly renovated bathroom will breathe life into your home, often adding substantial value to the property!

We’ll giving you honest truths about DIY vs professionals.

So you can make an informed choice.


It seems everyone is doing DIY; what do I need to know about it?

The cost of a bathroom renovation is a concern for most homeowners, and leads many people to take the DIY route.

Sometimes it works out, but more often than not it can be a big headache!


FACT #1: A bathroom is one of the most complex spaces in your home.

Therefore, be ready to do a lot of homework; preparation is the KEY!

Expect to spend many hours running to showrooms and educating yourself on the various materials and installation processes needed for your remodel.

Lack of preparation and experience can also be a costly exercise when errors occur, so be careful!

FACT #2: a bathroom renovation is one of the most significant home projects a homeowner can undertake.

Now, once you’re ready to rip tiles off the wall, there’s a lot of hard yakka to follow.

I mean, a LOT.

Don’t underestimate how many hours it will take to demolish and dispose of the old bathroom.

Professionals take an average of two FULL days to remove an average Brisbane bathroom. That’s two strong men, not just one!

FACT #3 – Some jobs must be left to the professionals

By law in Brisbane, a plumber, sparkie and waterproofer are essential.

They’re qualified and licenced to do what they do.

DON’T attempt these jobs yourself.

FACT #4: home renovation can put considerable strain on a relationship and family.

Many people report afterwards, “It was a stressful, overwhelming time.”

In Australia, 12% of DIYers end up considering separation or divorce!

Perhaps it is a good idea to engage a relationship counsellor before you start?!

FACT #5: Very FEW renovations are problem-free

Depending on the age of the bathroom, you’re likely to encounter unexpected challenges or obstacles.

These problems could mean calling in the experts to repair burst pipes, straighten wonky joists, fix foundation issues or replace deteriorated framework.


The good news? Tiling and painting can be DIY!

It is the most common way people save money on home improvements.

But be realistic about your skills and the value of your time before getting stuck in!

It is a difficult and time-consuming process for amateurs to achieve a professional finish.

Ask yourself if you would be satisfied if it isn’t quite up to scratch?

And at the end of the day to stand back and say, I did it and survived!

What an achievement, pat yourself on the back!!


Why Should I Hire a Professional Bathroom Renovation Contractor?

When considering a bathroom renovation, you probably have just as many questions as you do dreams and ideas!

Perfect! A good renovation company want to listen to everything and consider all you have to offer.

Even if you have no idea, they’ll know the right questions to ask to help you visualise your dream bathroom.

In a nutshell, by hiring a bathroom renovation/bathroom design professional, you increase the likelihood of:

  • having peace of mind throughout the build
  • your dreams becoming reality
  • saving yourself a major headache in the process


Top 5 tips for a Professional Bathroom Renovation


TOP TIP #1: The right professional will put the customer first

A professional should be kind and courteous, respectful of your home, and eager to please their clients (look for this in the Google reviews).

They are interested in protecting your hard-earned investment and will stand behind their work.

A licensed contractor with insurance protects your home during the work and after completion and leads to greater satisfaction with your bathroom remodel.

TOP TIP #2: Renovation professionals are renovating every day

They understand form and function i.e. aesthetically pleasing yet sensible for daily use.

They know you also need a space that will stand up to years of wear and tear from your family and be easy to clean.


TOP TIP #3:Qualified professionals have an eye for style and design.

They are a trustworthy guide to assist with material selection; choose the vanity and tile, show you how to match grout colour, and ensure your bathroom blends trend-proof style with ease-of-use and functionality.

Also consider: best installation practices will be second nature to the professionals!



TOP TIP #4:Qualified Project Managers are worth their weight in gold

Project Management is tricky!

Managing the project schedule, being home to oversee the work, liaising with all the trades; it a lot of stress and anxiety for you and your family.

And that’s just the beginning!

The best contractors will be qualified in Project Management and supply you with a detailed project schedule so you can plan to be out of the house during noisy periods.


TOP TIP #5: Designer are the key to a perfect bathroom design

If you have been avoiding a bathroom remodel for years because you’re too busy, partnering with a design professional is a huge help to develop a project plan.

They’ll run through all design specs, plumbing and electrical needs,

AND the fun elements like choosing the right paint colours and accessories!

Our Final Tip? Ask around to friends and family about their renovation stories. If you decide to hire a Bathroom Renovation Company, check their Google reviews and ask for a consultation; it should be free and no obligation.


Hiring a contractor with a bathroom design professional on staff will reduce your stress and increase your satisfaction during the renovation process and for years to come.

Your time is a valuable resource, and by letting a professional handle the tedious stuff, you can spend more time focusing on the fun aspects of your remodel.

If you’re ready to renovate your bathroom or you have questions about the process, contact BrisWest Renovations today to schedule a free in-home estimate.