Kitchen design is everything to a client and their home. Full function, style and design is necessary to create a beautiful space that works for all. Pete Evans, Director of Briswest Renovations, and his dedicated team of interior designer and trades, fully engage with and create stunning kitchens for their clients.

For those starting out on their kitchen renovation journey, here are five design considerations for planning your ideas.

1. Kitchen Cabinetry Finishes

Working with the architecture and style of your home will ensure a sympathetic and styled approach to your kitchen renovation project. Pete and Rebecca of Briswest Renovations are engaged by many owners of stunning Queenslander homes. Bringing the fretwork and timber details to life through shaker style cabinetry will bring a kitchen to its full beauty and potential, settling perfectly in the home.


When a more modern approach is being adopted, a clean, flat profile in either a flat colour or timber look is a fantastic way to bring a kitchen up to date. This still allows for high design and finishes to be incorporated to bring the project home.

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2. Do I need a Butler’s Pantry?

Oftentimes, clients are keen to adopt a butler’s kitchen. And the Briswest Renovations team is no stranger to removing walls or moving a kitchen location entirely!

Creating a butler’s kitchen allows for extra space and functionality. It also works well to remove unwanted items from being on display in the main kitchen. When entertaining, it gives extra space and hides the mess when entertaining.

However, there are times where a butler’s kitchen isn’t viable due to lacking space or location. Rather than fight for space at the cost of compromising a beautiful kitchen, other opportunities can be created.

A great adoption is a prep cabinet. Hidden behind cabinetry, these spaces are functional and separated from island benches or other general prep surfaces. This allows the home owner to contain a function, and be able to close off from view when needed.

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3. How to use colour in your kitchen

Kitchen colour should always be approached with careful consideration. There is a lot of fun to be had when choosing colours for your home. However, remaining sympathetic to the style of your home, and choosing colours that will stand the test of time is key to your design success.

 Colour can be adopted through cabinetry, as seen in the image below, where Briswest Renovations created a beautiful white kitchen, featuring a stunning dark blue island, softening and bringing all together with a timber look feature in both areas.

 A fabulous way to inject colour to your kitchen is through features, such as the kitchen splash back.  The beauty of this approach is that the focus on the main kitchen and cabinetry is on careful function and design to last. By choosing areas to add colour, you future proof your selections with an ability to update the backsplash if you would like a change in years to come.


4. What lights do you need in a kitchen?

There are two main functions for lighting in a kitchen: task and ambience. Both are important, and both can be approached in a functional manner or design element.

Downlights are the best approach for overall lighting. Depending on the size of the kitchen, these can operate sectionally from different switches and allows the full area to be light filled. The recede into the ceiling and do not impose on the overall look and feel of a kitchen.

Further lighting can be adopted through under cabinet lighting, allowing longer runs of upper cabinetry to cast light down to the bench top below. This brings full function to all spaces and removes dark areas. By keeping lighting in a warm white, these lights create ambient lighting later in the evening when the kitchen is closed, however, a low light is required when open plan and the family is gathered in the living area.

With the adoption of islands a consistent approach for many clients, well designed lighting and selections over same are a fantastic approach to soften and bring style to a kitchen. The Briswest Renovations team provides full lighting schedules and dedicated trades to ensure your kitchen is pulled together perfectly.


5. What fittings and fixtures are best for bathroom renovations?

When considering benchtops, there are a myriad of options available. Timber, stainless steel, concrete, natural and engineered stones are some of the more popular choices.

Here at Briswest Renovations, we find the most common selections are between engineered and natural stone. Engineered stone has come a long way, now offering many beautiful and natural looking options.

Pete and Rebecca of Briswest Renovations are confident in using engineered stone, focusing on particular brands who have encompassed and grown with the movement of modernisation and overall safety and function.

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