Stunning Country Home

Looking for a new lifestyle of semi-rural living in Upper Brookfield, our clients have renovated their home for their new chapter of retirement, using stunning country styling.


Main Bathroom & Laundry. Embrace the  stunning country charm of this retirement-ready renovation in West Brisbane!


Upper Brookfield, West Brisbane

In the serene landscape of Brisbane’s Upper Brookfield, Jo and Tony embarked on their retirement adventure, embracing semi-rural living with open arms. Their dream? To infuse their new home with warmth and functionality, creating the ultimate sanctuary for relaxation and hobbies. With decades of experience split between Newcastle and Brisbane, they were eager to renovate their kitchen, bathrooms, and laundry, setting the stage for their golden years.

Having an interior designer as their neighbour proved to be a stroke of luck for Jo and Tony. They enlisted the expertise of Briswest Renovations interior designer, Rebecca, to bring their vision to life.
The heart of the home, the kitchen, underwent a remarkable transformation. As did the ensuite, main bathroom and laundry.

The bathrooms received their own distinctive makeovers, with each reflecting a unique style. Natural greys and white cabinetry created a serene atmosphere in the main bathroom. While the ensuite’s stunning charm with striking green fan mosaic and Ceppostone terrazzo tiles met our client’s request for special touches of colour in private spaces.

In the laundry, functionality met style with clean white cabinetry and black and white encaustic-look floor tiles. Jo’s eye for detail brought cohesion to the space, echoing elements from the kitchen for a seamless flow.

Throughout the project, Jo and Tony were thrilled with the support and expertise of the Briswest Renovations team. From design decisions to the finishing touches, every step felt effortless, culminating in a home that exceeded their expectations.

As they settled into their new lifestyle, surrounded by the beauty of Upper Brookfield, Jo and Tony cherished the close-knit community that welcomed them with open arms. With their home now a gathering place for friends and neighbours, they delight in sharing the handiwork of the Briswest Renovations team.


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Kind Words

It was such a breeze, and everything felt stress free with the support and assistance of the Pete and Rebecca.

The whole Briswest team treated our home perfectly.

Jo & Tony - Stunning Country Charm Renovation, Upper Brookfield

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