Helping You Build Your Dream Bathroom From Design To Completion.

Here at BrisWest Renovations, we don’t believe in the one-size-fits-all approach to bathroom renovation – we offer tailored bathroom designs, interior styling and colour consultation.

Our goal is to maximise the use and enjoyment of your renovated bathroom for as long as you live in the home.


That’s why a professional design consultation is all part of the BWR experience.


We include this so you can rest assured your new bathroom will make you feel exactly how you want it to feel for many years to come.

Our bathroom designs cater to every taste, so whether you’re designing a minimalist room or a luxe space, we have the solutions for you.


Get your free dream bathroom design consultation

BrisWest Renovations listen, plan and consult to your needs
BrisWest Renovations listen, plan and consult to your needs
With a little help from our professional bathroom design specialist, even a tiny washroom can become your sanctuary.
For a room that gets used possibly more than any other, bathrooms don't always get the attention they deserve. We've come a long way since plain white tiles! The bathroom is now a space designed to enhance the daily ritual of bathing – a space for relaxation. - Lauren Li

A first and crucial step in any bathroom renovation is the preparation work.

Bathroom designs goes beyond choosing colours, tiles and fixtures.

The 3 key elements of bathroom designs

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1. Layout

1. Ideal Layout

Good bathroom design should elevate a utilitarian space into a place for rejuvenation and self-care.
Designing a good bathroom requires planning, good information, and careful thought. This pre-planning stage is an essential to achieving your dream bathroom.

Coming soon…. “BrisWest’s Ultimate Layout Checklist”

2. Appearance

2. Appealing Appearance

There are a number of ways to elevate the aesthetic appeal of a bathroom. But first, think about how you want the space to make you feel. Follow that instinct and you’ll love the end result.
Don’t be afraid to inject your own personality by using colour, the effect is instant.
Unleash your creative spark and achieve your dream space with our bathroom design specialist.

3. Fixtures

3. Quality Finishes & Fixtures

Just as important as the pre-planning stage, consider the finishes and fixtures the last few metres of a running race. There are some major trends in this area but also classic tried-and-true.

Coming soon: “What style are you?”

Perhaps you don’t know where to start, except that you need a change?
BrisWest can help you realise what your bathroom ideas are capable of being.
Experience professional interior styling and colour consultation as part of your bathroom renovation.

I need some Briswest brilliance!

Customise your bathroom designs with BrisWest Renovations,
we’d love to create the perfect bathroom for you.

All you need to do is let us know where and when!

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Talk soon. – Pete

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