Whether you’re looking to design a classic white kitchen or inject colour into the heart of your home, choosing the right colour for your kitchen renovation will be the anchor for making or breaking your overall kitchen design.

When thinking kitchen colour, we typically go straight to kitchen cabinetry. Being the largest coverage of a kitchen’s area by space and line of sight, this makes sense and it is therefore imperative to get it right.

Let’s break down some kitchen colour options here to assist you with your kitchen design.

White on White

If you love a classic, white kitchen, consider a white that is not too vivid and settles nicely with other elements around your home, such as shutters and trims. For a beautiful, true white which sits well with both warm and cool palettes, look no further than Dulux’s Lexicon Quarter. Often, we use this for shaker style profiles, particularly in Queenslander kitchen renovation projects.

When it comes to finish, a satin two pack cabinetry finish is a perfect compromise between a matte and gloss. A white foundation allows for a large scope for other finishes and bringing in colour and materials such as timber or a colourful back splash. We are available to guide you through the myriad of whites and neutrals, ensuring your overall kitchen design is perfected. Learn more about our Kitchens here.

TIP: Always select your cabinetry colours and bench tops at the same time. Marbles and Stones vary in their overall colour, swinging between warm and cool tones.

Bright Colours

If you love bright colours, be brave and use it with courage and conviction. Given the kitchen is the heart of the home and anchors so many areas together, it is important to ensure an overall balance throughout the living areas. Choose one to two colours and stick with them for the larger elements such as cabinetry or back splash (picking up again in elements such as a sofa or artworks). A fantastic approach to colour selection is to consider the fantastic range of colours offered by Laminex and Polytec. You are able to view the entire range and available finishes to give you full confidence in your final colour choice. Here at Briswest Renovations, we are always fully up to date with current trends and hold the full range of available colour samples to assist you during the kitchen design process. Settle and home your colour with neutral selections for finishes such as bench tops and flooring. Still not convinced? Opting for a coloured island bench with classic neutral or timber cabinetry for the remainder of the kitchen may be your answer. Once you have grounded the space with your chosen colour, you can play more with smaller accents and decor to inject extra life, piece by piece.

Get Moody

Dark kitchens are a fantastic contemporary approach to kitchen design. Dark kitchens create instant visual interest and spark engagement. Black holds well with many cabinetry profiles, be it shaker or flat in finish. Black cabinetry with fingerless pulls will modernise any space, but is also able to look its part in a Queenslander or older style home when finished with classic marbles or warm timbers. Black also recedes, allowing spaces to actually feel larger when designed effectively. For a classic approach, finish with chrome, for further drama – think brushed gold or nickel.

Read our project notes of a recent moody modern Queenslander kitchen renovation the Briswest Renovations team completed in Ashgrove, Brisbane here.

Let Nature Speak to You

If you live by the beach, it is likely that you are appealed to vibrant whites, calming blues and balancing sands. If these things energise you, invite the outside into your home with crisp whites, subtle blues and light timbers such as oak. If Mother Earth’s botanical gifts inspire you, consider adopting a neutral to natural sage or darker green colour palette, with splashes of colour to mimic the blooms you like more, be it Australian natives or your favourite bloom in the garden. If you love city living, you can be prescribed with a cooler tone with vibrant pops of colour from signage and lights around you. Let Briswest Renovations provide the design knowledge to best enhance your surroundings to work with your lifestyle.

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