There are many elements that form great kitchen design when put together. But what elements you need to make a great kitchen design the perfect kitchen design for you will always vary.

Consider the following information from Briswest Renovations designer Rebecca, when thinking about what to include with your kitchen renovation project.

Budget Your Kitchen Renovation

As with all things, the sky is the limit when it comes to kitchen design. A small kitchen does not mean it will be cheaper – just as a beautiful large kitchen can be achieved on a tighter budget. It all comes down to finishes during your selection process.

Even cabinetry options can scale between low and high price points. For example, a two pack paint finish shaker style profile for cabinetry will be a higher price point than a flat profile laminate finish. The best part – both can still achieve a high end look when your kitchen design is nailed.

But it’s important to understand your budget initially. So you can achieve the style you love without leaving you in financial distress.

Throughout the design process, we will work with you to keep on budget, with good quality selections and an overall beautiful design that does not leave you wanting more.

Design With Functionality In Mind

Family friendly, entertainer’s delight, culinary dream or all the above? Full consideration of how you cook and live within your home and kitchen area is paramount.

Zones are a great place to start in your kitchen design, understanding where preparation areas, cooking zones and functional spaces such as pantry and fridge will be situated. For example, preparation areas should not be far from the sink, whilst cooking zones should have clearance around them to be able to properly cook meals. It is imperative to ensure the best layout for yourself whilst acknowledging changes in your lifestyle or potential other home owners. This is due to the footprint of the kitchen determining the way forward. You want to live with your kitchen for a long time.

In the case of resell, you want to ensure a high return on investment by providing form and function to a wide audience. Kitchens sell home. It’s a simple fact.

Our interior designer at Briswest Renovations will be able to assist with the above whilst allowing for the correct scale and symmetry to come into play.

Choose Your Trades Wisely

When it comes to engaging a builder for your kitchen renovation project, it may be appealing to use your trusted trades, however, on a project such as a kitchen, where you are on a tight turnaround and scheduling is key, it is wise to consult a reputable builder with a designer and trades onboard.

The trades will be scheduled in a quick timeframe to ensure you are not surrounded by pizza boxes for weeks on end. Certainly, the confidence of knowing one person is committed to overseeing the kitchen renovation project from start to finish and is on hand to deal with all eventualities is everything.

Here at Briswest Renovations, we are proud to offer a reputable builder with vast experience, an interior designer and a full team of trades, providing the same team every day.

Selecting Appliances For Your Kitchen

Your appliance selection will not only come down to how you cook, but also the need to ensure a full, functioning kitchen. The appliances are important to stabilise the kitchen within its size, space and overall home’s position.

An inner city apartment doesn’t need to house a full, double integrated fridge if you are more inclined to prep and eat on the run with a busy lifestyle. A wine fridge is an entirely different inclusion!

And whilst a double oven is conducive to a busy, large family with cooking and warming functions covered. Your budget will determine the brands and price tags of all appliances. There are wonderful cost effective brands that are of great quality and function, as well as high end appliances with all the prowess that a culinary chef could desire.

Smaller appliances and preparation tools can be housed in a preparation area that can be enclosed within a space to allow you to keep all in a ready to work function without the clutter on show.

Be it a mixer or coffee machine, an interior designer can assist you with selecting the right appliances to bring enjoyment to the space, or design clever ways to introduce storage no matter your space. Our designer is especially good at this and will help you design the dream kitchen for your space.

Selecting Finishes For Your Kitchen

Completing your kitchen design with the perfect accents is key to your overall love of the heart of your home. Our interior designer can assist you with understanding you and your family’s style overall throughout your home, and balance your kitchen renovation project with finishes that remain sympathetic to your home as a whole. 

Taking into account your cabinetry and layout, the benchtops can ground or soften the overall look with symmetry through lighting and placement of functional spaces key to bring them to the forefront. 

Add your design flair through intricate backsplash tiles and tap ware and hardware such as handles. 

Invite guests into your kitchen space as an entertaining area with seating and lighting.  Briswest Renovations can walk you through the entire process to ensure you are able to create a perfectly functional kitchen with all your style and needs as a homeowner catered to.

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